termites damaging wood

Expert Termite Solutions For Jacksonville, Florida

Termites are small, wood-destroying insects that spend most of their lives out of sight. They often get into Jacksonville homes undetected, then spend their days eating the wooden structures within. Although a few termites may take decades to cause serious damage to a home, termite colonies grow quickly, and it’s not uncommon for colonies to grow to thousands of members or more. In some cases, a colony can have over a million members.

Our Termite Control Process

a large group of termites in rotten wood

Determining whether you have an active termite infestation is trickier than you’d think. Termites rarely come out in the open, so most of the damage they cause remains hidden inside your walls. Our service technicians are specially trained to identify the subtle signs termites leave behind.

Termite Inspection

We’ll inspect your home, paying careful attention to any area where activity is most obvious, including around windows, in your attic, and in your crawlspace. We’ll also inspect the exterior of your home for signs of termites. We use thermal imaging technology to identify hidden termite activity. If we find signs of an active colony, we’ll show you where.

Termite Treatment

At Pestmaster® Services, we’ve determined that the most effective process of eliminating and preventing termites is a combination of several treatment methods. These include:

  • Applying foam to inaccessible voids

  • Drilling holes and applying a treatment into the holes in driveways, block underpinnings, and dirt-filled porches

  • Placing bait in areas where termites are likely active

Six weeks after your initial treatment, we’ll return to your home to see how it’s working and make any necessary modifications.

We Stand Behind Our Termite Treatments

Protecting your home from termites should be a priority, especially in a climate like ours here in Jacksonville, FL. Termites can damage your home beyond repair if not dealt with quickly and effectively. With termite control from Pestmaster® Services, you can be sure that we will eliminate any active infestations, and future infestations won’t take root. Pestmaster® Services offers effective termite control and prevention services and offer a re-treat and repair warranty on our termite treatments. Contact us for more details.